Interview With Miss Mary

Miss MaryHopoffthis.Com got the amazing opportunity to interview 20-year-old Mary McClane also known as “Miss Mary.” One of the hottest hair dressers in Detroit took some time out of her busy schedule to give me all the details on her booming success. The interview definitely gives us an overview on Miss Mary and everything we need to know. This is definelty the woman you want to get in touch with when it comes to fabulous, quality hair styles.

What is your brand name and how did it get started?
#WhatsABadHairDay™ ( Check It Out On Instagram)

“A little over a year ago I posted that hashtag under a style I created (The 4way part sew in) & it went viral..”

What made you get into this field and what is your driving force behind your salon/doing hair?

“Honestly, growing up all I had was my sisters.. We had no choice but to learn different trades to look after one another. What was once a “chore” turned into a hustle & now it’s really… My life.”

How long have you been doing hair?

“I’ve been doing hair since I was 11, in the 5th grade, for now-a-laters lol.”

How long have you been desiring to open a shop/line?
“I’ve been wanting my own shop since before I graduated high school.. I’ve been working on my hair grease “Hair Magic for 2 years now, just recently I’ve released it.”

Are you in school?

“Yes I’m a junior at Marygrove College, major Criminal Justice.. Minor, business.”

What else do you outside or your brand/shop/hair?

“Dance. I’m apart of an all female group called “Ladyliike”. “

Can you share some future plans for your business?

“I plan to eventually venture off to Miami & further my business out there. Before I leave I want “hair magic” on shelves in all beauty supply’s.”

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Mary McClane

Where do you see your business this time next year?hairstylesbymary

“I see my virgin hair company “Foreign Xchange” being nationwide & “Hair Magic” worldwide.”

Any future releases coming up? Things for the public eye to look forward to?

“Be on the look out for my clothing line “Pretty Girl Gang” hot releases this summer!”

Well, Hopoffthis.Com is more than impressed with Miss Mary. She is playing no games when it comes to her work and trust me, handling business has become her number one priority. supports Miss Mary 100 percent! You guys will definitely be able to keep up with Miss Mary in the future right here on Hopoffthis.Com!


Hit Television Show Because We’re Men

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 7.45.13 PMHopoffthis.Com has the scoop on the hit television show “Because We’re Men ” which airs every sunday on MyTV 20 at 10pm.  Created by the multi-talented Kamal Edward Smith, Because We’re Men is more than just a television show its a dream come true. Kamal was born on the eastside of Detroit, Cass Tech alumni and he furthered his education at Wilberforce University where he became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Inc. Delta Chapter.  At the age of 14 Kamal took an interest in singing,  he has also took on acting and stared his own company called ” Lynn’s Boys Media LLC ” in 2007. Not only is Kamal good at multi-tasking his profound talents, he is one of the many awesome Radio Personalities from 4pm-9pm at the radio station Hot 107.5. He has produced 7 stage plays, 1 movie and of course the amazing sitcom “Because We’re Men”.

It was the burning question we all want to know, ” What made you create “Because We’re Men and why?”

After a stage play when I played a character named “Pops”, my partners and I thought we could spin his character off into a sitcom. I didn’t want to play some old man in a wig though similar to Tyler Perry so I thought of another play we could spin-off of called “Rules To the Game” centered around a guy and his two best friends. Because We’re Men was born.”
It’s been 4 years in the making working on this show and it all came together on September 10th at 10pm, this was the best experience so far from  sitcom, “Because We’re Men”.
The show is amazing and season 2 of Because We’re Men is already  in the works for the future.

Kamal was humble and excited to thank his fans, ”

Thank you to all of my supporters. I could not be here with out y’all. Please do not let Kamal Smith be a name a tv but let the name Kamal Smith represent “I can live my dreams too”.
Hopoffthis.Com supports “Because We’re Men” all the way, the show is amazing and i can’t wait to see what the next episode has in store! Make sure you follow Kamal Smith on Instagram: KamalSmith2 and Twitter: @KamalSmith and Facebook: Kamal Smith
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Exclusive Interview With SneakerzCafe has the exclusive interview with SneakerzCafe ! The 25-year-old creator known as  Masarati Myke, grew up on the eastside of Detroit, MI with a love for music, fashion and creativity. “I started a record label in 2007 and then started a social community in 2013 that allows people to create their own profile and share to the world their “fashionality”. So I was able to take my music talent and fashion swag, put them together to promote one sound and one brand. ” Sneakerzcafe started from a dream in  2011 to open his  own resell shop of retro sneakers and vintage clothes. Being a sneaker head for over 15 years will give you a desire to chase your dreams. ” My goal was to create a social community that was completely different from the rest and offer a target niche that wasn’t so broad. My goal is to have a global website with over 500 Million users and to open a one of kind boutique for vintage and shoe heads.”

masarati mykeOn top of Sneakerzcafe Masarati Myke is also a rapper, who just released a mixtape called “Ball Player: No NBA Deal” hosted by Supastar J. Kwik and DJ King Cyze. ” I have been rapping since high school, just freestyle but I took it serious when I went to jail my first time at 17 years old and met my DJ King Cyze. We put a plan together and have flourished ever since then.” His favorite song of his mixtape is called ” All I Ever Wanted so make sure you guys download the mixtape. ” My goals are like stepping-stones so to say…! My first step is breaking into the music industry and branding myself, then making my connects, to enhance my community on, open a store, and after that pretty much investments. ” Make sure you guys follow SneakerzCafe on Instagram and log on to and join the community now!

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Tumblr: SneakerzCafe
Facebook: myke sneak

New Video From Artist Rich Ash has the full scoop on the new video from artist Rich Ash. The rap game is changing and Rich Ash is right there with it making a stamp with his music. His rap name describes the way he lives and it explains the mindset of where he is trying to be in the future. ” I have been rapping since the 3rd grade as far as i can remember, they even let me perform Nas at a school event.

” When it dates back to the old days, you can tell where the passion for music stems from. ” The new song we just released explains how a normal day would go for me. From being in the hood, to being with my dawgs, to being with my girl and my family.”

The next upcoming project for Rich Ash will be the release of his mixtape titled, ” Made In Detroit“. ” This depicts how i grew up, what it’s like to be where I’m from, how my situations were bettered and how I’m trying to help everyone else out.” Rich Ash had much to say to his fans, ” To all my fans and supporters, i appreciate it and i love y’all. You guys make me what i am today.” Make sure you follow Rich Ash on Instagram: _richash and you can also follow his on Facebook: Rich Ash.

Check out the new video below, directed by CT Films called ” A Day In The Life” (Street Livin)

Queen Virgin Remy Hair

QueenVirginRemyHopoffthis.Com has the scoop on some of the hottest hair extensions by Queen Virgin Remy Hair! Talk about a great quality of hair, It was such a wonderful experience going to the Southfield location in Michigan to enjoy great sounds and conversation at the ultimate grand opening September 14th, 2013. The beautiful Mena Monroe & Amiyah Scott were a wonderful treat to meet as i got the opportunity to take pictures and ask questions about the company. Queen Virgin Remy opened July 31st, 2013 and the journey to success has been exciting. The first location was opened in Atlanta, GA and the second location is located in Southfield, MI. Dennis McKinley has taken his vision for the idea of locations for quality hair to be accessible everywhere and made it a reality. Queen Virgin Remy sells all types of hair including, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Eurasian, Russian Blonde, Mongolian and Indian.

MenaMonroeNot only was the event a success, getting an up close and personal feel for the product was more than properly executed. Branching off to more locations and nation wide success is  definitely in the future for Queen Virgin Remy. ” We have a good quality product at the lowest prices in the country, you don’t have to go broke to look good.” I agree 100% and Queen Virgin Remy has been approved by


Make sure you check out the website www.QueenVirginRemy.Com also follow them on Instagram at QueenVirginRemy and QueenVirginRemySouthField.


Exclusive Interview With Artist CashPaid has the exclusive interview with artist CashPaid. This 20-year-old rap superstar is on his way to the top with his passion for music and support system behind him. Cashpaid has been rapping since the age of 14 but didn’t get a serious drive for music until the age of 18. Previously in a local Detroit group called Team Westside, he decided to take the solo route after about a year of sharing the spotlight. Cashpaid is currently an artist of BMB also know as Breaking Major Barriers, with popular label mates Trick Trick and Charlie Baltimore. Cashpaid is affiliated with the brand Avion who sponsors a clothing line called Enjoy Detroit SBOY.

These movement shirts are giving a positive message of cleaning the community and giving back. With the exclusive release of his 1st single ” Crazy” his music video shoot went awesome with a lot of support from his friends, family, label and fans.  ” Something Gotta Shake” mixtape coming soon so make sure you guys stay on the look out for that! Cashpaid is an awesome upcoming artist with a  concrete plan to be successful.  He couldn’t wait to state his appreciation to everyone, ” To my fans and support system, I wanna thank them for the support, love and appreciation of my music.”

Cashpaid crazy Hungry artist are always fun to follow, so check out his music video for his 1st single “Crazy” produced by RJ Lamont. This video is hot, shot and edited by CT Films!!!!!!

Click Below To Watch The Video ” Crazy” !