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20130702-104401.jpgHere is the exclusive interview with the creator of !

Ashley A also known as ” Hopoffthis” sat down with CT Films to explain the vision for This interview gives background history on the creator, explains how hopoffthis got started and introduces the website as a whole. With the site now being over two weeks old and the word buzzing, it’s now time for the world to know about and get some great insight on the brand new entertainment news website. is here to stay! Check out the video below!


We Miss You Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Smile micahel jackson memorial

Today is the day we really say, ” We miss you Michael Jackson.June 25th, 2009 shocked the world as the announcement of Michael Jackson’s death swept over every radio and television station. Here we are 4 years later and we are still listening to his music and allowing his great musical legacy to move on. Of course nothing can give us back the MJ we all loved and adored but we can look at some great photos and listen to his music to remind us how amazing he was. Michael Jackson was not only a great performer who will forever be respected for his work but he was also an amazing artist with music to get you in the best mood. I know today is not the happiest day at all but we can still find a place of appreciation for all of his hard work. Check out to see the most amazing pictures and information about the late and great Michael Jackson.  Today does not have to be sad, we have access to so many memories to get us through the day! Go enjoy all of the Michael Jackson content, it’s sure to give you a great big smile!

micahel jackson death


Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Bored? Here are 5 fun things to do on a rainy day. People tend to sleep the day away and relax or let their mind wander to places it doesn’t need to go. Don’t fall into the rainy day spell get up and do something fun!

1. Watch movies you’ve never seen before.

There is so much time on your hands when your just sitting in the house letting the day pass, why not watch an awesome movie?! Don’t wanna leave your home to go out and see something new at the movies? There are plenty of things to watch on Netflix. That way with Netflix you have the option of watching all types of tv series and cool movies, you can even access Netflix through your cellphone. For a small fee Netflix allows you to watch movies and they cater to what you like based off what you watch. So get some popcorn and a good pillow and get to the fun!

2. Grab a recipe book and try to make something new.

A lot of people don’t find happiness in the kitchen but for the one’s that do want to give it a shot new recipes just might do the trick. The 4th of July will be here soon, wouldn’t it be cool to learn how to make an awesome fun dish to add to the festivities? There are so many cool websites to like and that have recipe sections just for beginners. After your done making your meal, try to get some feedback from someone to see how it taste. You never know, you just might be good at cooking!

3. Rearrange your room.

Rearranging your room can sound more like a chore than a fun activity actually it can be pretty fun. Changing your room around can give you new insight on how you feel about your personal space. If your holding on to old clothing places like The Salvation Army and Value World would be happy to take those clothes off your hands. has some awesome tips on how to perform a “Space Cleansing” and control the positive and negative energy in your room. We all need a cleansing in some form or fashion just to get a fresh start, why not start in your bedroom and get some positive energy going?

4. Online Shopping is a must.

Pass the time online and do some shopping. It’s such an easy and convenient thing to do when you’re sitting at home and wouldn’t mind adding a few new items to your collection. I’m not saying go crazy while shopping but looking up some cool gizmos and gadgets can be really fun. really has a nice selection of just about anything you can think of. Don’t hesitate to look around if things are too expensive. Where there is an original, there is a copy, so find something that still fits your need but also fits your budget.

5. Find a way to work out.

I know working out can really be a challenge for a lot of people but it is so important for the human body. Even if you find a free workout video online or on tv, that’s still getting your adrenaline going and getting that heart rate going. Break a sweat, find someone to come over and work out with you. Yoga can even be done at home if you google some relaxing Yoga positions. Walk up and down your stairs, find house hold items that can be used as weights. You don’t have to spend money at an expensive gym, you can have all the fun of working out and feeling great right in the comfort of your own home.

Hope you guys enjoyed those 5 fun tips, have fun on your rainy day!

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Game 7: The Heat Win NBA 2013 Championship !

SummerJamz 16!

Are You Ready For Chapter 3?

Game 7: The Heat Win NBA 2013 Championship !

the heatmiami heatGame 7,  The heat win 2013 championship! Congratulations to the 2013 NBA champions also known as the Miami Heat! What an intense game last night as the two competing teams, San Antonio Spurs played the Miami Heat for the championship.Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are seen in the photo below celebrating their 2nd championship title win.Lebron takes home the MVP title 2years in a row with an amazing 37 points in the take champion ship game. Such a great moment, bragging rights must feel so good! Two years in a row is a great start to a long legacy of wins. Lebron is in his prime and he can’t be stopped! Once again congrats to the Miami Heat, enjoy the win!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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SummerJamz 16!

SummerJamz 16!

summerjamz 16Are you ready for SummerJamz 16!

 Hot 1075 is known for their annual concert known as SummerJamz! Last year was amazing with artist such as the OMG Girlz, Diggy, Elle Varner, Detroit’s own Big Sean and many more! Chene Park is a beautiful open venue with dome like seating and a view of the water right behind the stage.

Finally, A Meek Mill We Can Love! [ MUST READ EXCLUSIVE]

This year SummerJamz 16 has a crazy line up with artist such as Rocko, Elle Varner, Yo Gotti, Kid Ink and Jeezy. Of course there will  be many other artist performing but the big surprise will be Doughboyz Cashout also known as DBC who were recently signed to Jeezy’s Atlantic-distributed record label known as CTE. Seeing DBC perform will be a big win for Detroit, shout out to them!  Saturday, June 22 at Chene Park is gonna be the place to be!

4 Million Views And Counting; Who Is B. Smyth?

Plus Hot 1075 has an infamous line up of jocks to get you pumped up before, during and after the show! If you don’t have your tickets, what are you waiting on?! You really don’t wanna miss one of the hottest events of the summer. Get to and get your tickets!

Written By: Ashley Allen

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Are You Ready For Chapter 3?

Are You Ready For Chapter 3?

chapter 3 hopoffthis

Are you ready for chapter 3?! Today I got the opportunity to attend the soft launch party for Chapter 3, which is three amazing companies in one at the popular club Studio 51. Keisha McCoy & Carrie Williams are climbing the success later in more ways than one. These ladies will be working between Atlanta and Detroit to provide you with their upscale services. Hair Connoisseur is one part of Chapter 3 offering beautiful virgin hair extensions. The second part of Chapter 3 is called Pink Hookah and this service will be provided to different bars to give a little splash of fun to the fun popular activity known as ” Hookah”. The last part of Chapter 3 is called Vintage Addict and this service will donate money to an inner city charity every month from the proceeds of their products. I had an amazing time and I look forward to seeing Chapter 3 flourish in the future!

Written By: Ashley Allen

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